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About Us

Hengda mining is a leading manufacturer of raymond mill,raymond roller mill,raymond grinidng mill ,ultra fine grinding mill and Vertical grinding mill .

Another specialty is Improving type raymond mill designed from Mr.Hu , sold under our trademark. Hengda also produces Ultra fine grinding mill and Vertical grinding mill known as High grade powder grinding machine

Raymond mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral materials in grinding processing

Hengda raymond mill Characteristics:
- Large grinding room � Airflow/wind flow is good
- Squirrel-cage classifier � Screened 80-600mesh powder
- Abrasion Resistant material � Mn13Cr2 or Mn18Cr2 available or as your request
- Excellent performance for 325mesh grinding� Low vibration with little noise
- Produce as your needs � PLC/Flexible connection/wear-resistant material/Gear case or belt wheel transmission
- Surface Modifiable � Highly polar surfaces couple efficiently with other additives.

Vertical grinding mill Characteristics:

- D50 measurement
- Idea equipment of Artifical powder grinding machine
- The crystal structure remain the same,content 2 micron powder
- Good Specific surface and activity of the final product
- Uniform Particle Size Distribution � with Hegman fineness of 6
- Low oil absoption ,Good solubility and dispersion

Hengda mining machinery is headquartered in Guilin , with production facilities in Yongfu county. Our management team has over 30 years of combined expertise in mining machine and the industries in which they are used. This allows our company to offer a breadth of knowledge and overall customer service that few competitors can rival. Please explore our website and feel free to reach out for any additional information you may require